The Company has sought to establish a strong proprietary position. As of December 31, 2005, the Company had pending 3 original and continuation-in-part United States patent applications and numerous foreign counterparts. The Company has received or has exclusive rights to 187 issued U.S. and foreign patents.

AutoImmune has been granted:

Eight U.S. patents covering the use of oral Type I, II, or III collagen (or fragments of collagen) to treat rheumatoid arthritis;

Five U.S. patents covering treatment of cell-mediated autoimmune disease by nasal or by inhalation administration of autoantigens;

Two U.S. patents covering suppression of allograft rejection by oral administration of major histocompatibility complex class II antigens or an active fragment there of;

Five U.S. patents covering treatment, or prevention of the onset of, Type I diabetes by oral or nasal administration of insulin or its fragments;

One U.S. patent covering the treatment of uveoretinitis using oral S-antigen;

One U.S. patent covering the combination of oral tolerance and methotrexate in the treatment of multiple sclerosis;

Four U.S. patents directed to peptide fragments of myelin basic protein and the use of such fragments in suppressing proliferation of T cells activated in multiple sclerosis patients;

Three U.S. patent covering treatment of multiple sclerosis by oral administration of MBP or bovine myelin;

One U.S. patent covering a method of preparing Type II collagen; and

One U.S. patent covering suppression of vascular disorders by mucosal administration of heat shock protein.

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