Best Car Performace: Ferrari Italia 458

Today, there are a number of sophisticated and modern sport cars that are released and introduced to public from many manufacturers, including the most famous cars manufacturers, like McLauren, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. They are competing by releasing their newest design of sophisticated sport cars, and one of them is Ferrari Italia 458. The car was produced on 2009 by Ferrari and Ferrari Italia 458 has won many international awards that were held in many countries, including Best Performance Engine and Car of The Year. The design, including performance of the car are the best because it uses sophisticated engine and was designed by the best and very professional car designer, Pininfarina.

The design of this 2-seat sport car is very luxurious with very sophisticated engine. The top speed of Ferrari Italia 458 is over 325 km/h. The body is very sporty but elegant, so that people a flawless car. The former Formula 1 driver, Michael Schumacher, was included in the designing of the interior of Ferrari Italia 458, so that it is much alike with the designs of racing car. With the title of ‘best car performance’ and the elegant and sporty design, it has been favorites by public.


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